BRANKO LUSTIG - About Holocaust

Date and time: 13. 11. 2014 u 11:00

Location: hall “Amerikana” Dom omladine Beograda

Branko Lustig will hold an educational morning about his experience from concentration camps of the nazi regime and seperate messages of forgivness and love for every individual from his life experience. Lustig wants to teach kids about horrors of the Holocaust, he restlessly speaks about his experiences that should never happen. Educational moring will be open with the movie Run Boy Run.

MIRKO ILIĆ – Symbols of hate

Date and time 14. 11. 2014 u 11:00

hall “Amerikana” Dom omladine Beograda

Mirko Ilić will hold a multimedial lecture in which he will speak about fascistic iconography present in public space on the territory of former Yugoslavia and abroad. Lecture will speak about local and regional problem of public disregarding and ignoring of hate symbols propagated by fascistic groups which are growing more bigger and more violent.