Dear visitors, friends and partners,

we are extremely happy to present Festival of Tolerance in Belgrade. Jewish Film Festival Zagreb is going to present its programs and its idea of spreading tolerance and peace. The first time the Festival visited Belgrade was in 2008. under a joint operation named Festival of Jewish film Zagreb-Belgrade. A lot of time has passed since our last visit to Belgrade and during the last february, with great help of Mirko Ilić and Srđan Ćešić who are longterm friends of the Festival in Zagreb, we partnered with Hartefakt organisation from Belgrade. To spread the festival ideas, we are bringing you a part of our Festivals programs from Zagreb enriched with ideas of our partners. Hartefakt is the best partner because its a regional organisation which is initiating, supporting and connecting creative and progressive strenghts that are contributing to democracy and european integration of the Balkans. Our partner, Hartefakt is devoted to building open minded and free societies trought creative exchange on important soical topic like freedom of speech, sustainable regional cooperation and i social responsibility, all of which is connecting us by our ideas.

Under the leadership of Branko Lustig, double Oscar winner and a man who survived the Holocaust, we are building a cultural manifestation in Zagreb which connects its partners and friends whose mission is to spread ideas of tolerance, equality, understanding of our differences as a foundation of society which all of us deserve. Zagreb is not an only place in which we found an opportunity for developing our ideals, we found the same enthusiasm in Rijeka, Belgrade, Vienna, Sarajevo, Cetinje and Ljubljana. We learn from history and we dont want to let monstruosities that happend during the Holocaust ever to happen again. The Holocaust, as the laying foundation of the program, serves as an ultimate warning about times and societies which lacked tolerance as an imperative of human intelligence and development. discriminated groups trought history and in the present day, not only the Jews but every man abused and unfairly branded for his orentation, ethnicity, political viewes or anything else. So we decided to constantly wanr society to thrive towards positive social change with our festivals programs.

Our program is free for all of our visitors and details about the Festival can be found on our official website.